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Justice in perspective in the Western Cape

Justice in perspective in the Western Cape

After toiling away at fighting against the injustices in our communities, we do advise taking a break, enjoying our rich countryside to remind ourselves of exactly why we fight for what we do.

Do you need a break from the city? Is the constant thrum of traffic and noisy sirens getting to you?  Now imagine a place with no traffic, peace, quiet and solitude. Keep imagining a place where, at night, you can actually see an abundance of stars. Find yourself enjoying time away from the stress of everyday activities and work. Why not try vacationing on a working farm, to refresh and clear the mind. Spend your time relaxing or if you are the adventurous type, go hiking or mountain biking in the great outdoors. Ashanti Lodge Travel Center is a well established business in Cape Town that caters for locals and tourists, offering one of the best backpackers in Cape Town, as well as huge variety of tours, whether its shark cage diving or a Serengeti Safari.

There are an abundance of places to visit in the Western Cape that offer this type of holiday accommodation. Farms found in the mountains, open spaces or forests, there are many to choose from. Take a weekend break and explore the beautiful landscapes and country living of the Western Cape.

Here are a few working farms where you can get away from it all

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Oakhurst Farm Cottages, Hoekwil, Garden Route

Oakhurst is a working dairy farm. Here you and the family can enjoy a comfortable stay with plenty of things to do. The cottages that you will be staying in were originally built for the farmhands. After the farm workers gained new housing, these cottages have been lovingly renovated.

A wonderful place to get away from it all, but you don’t have to worry about being bored. The farm offers a variety of activities to keep young and old busy.

  • Mountain and forest tracks for hiking, running and mountain biking
  • Farm Dam provides fishing and canoeing
  • Horse-riding
  • Kids can watch the cows being milked and are shown how everything is done on the farm.

Oakhurst is the peaceful and picturesque farm get away you’re looking for.

Glen Oaks, Overberg

Glen Oaks is a working farm that mainly deals with livestock, cattle and free ranging pigs. The farm offers open spaces, fresh air and spectacular views.  You can stay in three separate accommodation offerings.

  1. A beautiful Stone cottage
  2. A wooden cabin amongst the Poplar trees
  3. An exclusive campsite all to yourself

There are also plenty of outdoor activities to do, including hiking, fishing and swimming.

Tierhoek Cottages, Robertson

Drive out of the city and find in less than two hours these wonderful self-catering cottages. Tierhoek is a working organic fruit farm with peaches, apricots, lemons and lots more. The farm offers luxury accommodation; each cottage has its own pool, veranda, braai facilities and let’s not forget about the fabulous surroundings.

Tierhoek offers beautiful mountain views, wonderful accommodation and five star recommendations. Maybe it is time to think about visiting Robertson soon.

Landmeterskop farm Cottages, Standford

Situated in the Cape Overberg, the Landmeterskop is a working sheep farm. The farm has spectacular views of the valley. The cottages offer peace, quiet and relaxation. A time to unwind and de-stress from the busy and hectic everyday life. Besides gazing at the stars at night or relaxing and reading a book, there are many other activities to do.

  • Bird watching
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Swimming
  • The kids can have fun feeding the farm animals, including some Alpacas, goats and pigs

The surrounding area can also be explored and offers whale watching, scuba diving, beaches, wine farms and much more.

Experience a pace of life that will take you and your family back to a simpler time. Get away from the noise and enjoy quiet evenings around the fire under a canopy of beautiful stars. Connect with the natural world around you and spend more quality time with those you love.

Just think of kicking off those tight shoes, finding a comfortable spot on the veranda, listening to the relaxing sounds of nature and just being in the moment. Forget about television and phones. Break away and refresh your soul with the peace and tranquillity of a farm holiday.

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